For Joe, the family business has always been a natural fit. It started young: while other fifteen year-olds spent Saturdays at the pool or playing video games, a curious Joe rode to work with his dad. He didn’t get under cars right away, instead checking tire pressure, cleaning, and other small jobs around the shop.

But it was clear he was hooked. After graduating from ECU, he returned home to manage our store. He grew with the business, and now Joe spends as much time on the shop floor as he does in the office. Even now he finds new sources of excitement, especially when an antique or a sports car rolls into the garage.

Joe has built a culture of trust, a philosophy he learned from working with his father for eighteen years. Trust that his managers can run shop while he’s away, trust that his mechanics are honest. It’s part of the reason his employees are celebrating 12- year work anniversaries and beyond, and why so many repeat customers know him by name.

Joe doesn’t take many days off, so those he does he spends with his wife and three children. But occasionally he’ll sneak away for an afternoon of golf…sometimes even with his customers.