We have a lot of experienced technicians at our shop. Tom is the most experienced of them all, which is fitting for the person who got us started.

Tom started working on cars over forty years ago, originally part-time at a gas station. High school and college Tom cut his teeth on the classic cars of the 70s and 80s, and his skill grew more sophisticated with them.

After graduating from Iona College in 1977, he took a detour into the towing business, but the passion continued. He branched out into body work and general auto repair, further refining his skillset, and opened Fast Lube Plus in 1999.

So why switch to a fast lube shop? For someone as experienced as Tom, he sees value in being a master of one trade versus a jack of all. Since founding Fast Lube Plus, he’s developed a highly focused expertise and a passion for quality customer service. With six service facilities and nearly fifty employees, his efforts have paid off.