Peak-logoWiper blades sweep across the windshield removing rain, snow bugs and debris. Over time the rubber will dry out, become brittle and crack. All of this leads to reduced visibility and can pose a serious safety hazard. At Fast Lube Plus we use Peak wiper blades.

As with all Fast Lube Plus services, your old wiper blades will be recycled to keep our planet green!

The Wiper Blade Service

  • Inspecting all of the vehicle’s old wiper blades for damage or wear.
  • Removing the old wiper blades and installing premium brand quality blades.
  • NEW! We now carry the new “bracketless” wiper blades for most newer vehicles. Bracketless wiper blades are the new shape of wiper blade technology. The dual precision-tensioned steel springs distribute more uniform pressure along the entire length of the blade for exceptional all-weather visibility. Replace your conventional wiper blades and see if you don’t agree that bracketless is better.

Contact Fast Lube Plus today with any questions on your wiper blades!