Why We Use Castrol Motor Oil

If your car’s engine is its heart, and gas is its blood, then motor oil is its soul. It’s the magical potion that lubricates all of your engine’s moving parts: pistons, rods, valves, and more. Without motor oil, those metal parts would rub against each other so violently that they’d seize up!

So naturally, picking the right motor oil is very important. You want something with a great blend of lubricants and detergents, proper viscosity, and long service life.

With their history of outstanding engineering, wide range of available viscosities and proven quality, Castrol is the ideal oil for any motor vehicle. It’s the factory fill of choice for BMW, Audi, Rolls-Royce, and more. It’s also what Fast Lube Plus uses for your vehicle’s oil changes. Here are a few reasons why.

Array of Conventional and Synthetic Options

Motor oils are typically classified as conventional or synthetic. They differ in their origins: conventional oil is entirely refined from raw petroleum, and synthetic oils are either laboratory-made or heavily modified. Synthetic oil is generally seen as superior quality, but it’s pricey, and some older cars have trouble with it.

Castrol’s GTX is one of the most proven conventional motor oils for budget-minded consumers or owners of older vehicles. Irv Gordon, the owner of a Volvo with 3 million miles on it, uses Castrol GTX at every oil change.

For newer or high-end vehicles, Castrol’s synthetic options can’t be beat. Magnatec and EDGE oils exceed manufacturer requirements for most cars, from Ford to Fiat. BMW also trusts the top-tier Edge Supercar oil for their M performance line.

Innovative Technologies

You may not own a BMW M3, but the science behind its operation can trickle down to any crossover or family sedan! Castrol EDGE synthetic offers a 15,000 mile oil drain interval, well beyond the 3,000 miles of yesteryear. It also has excellent protection against thermal breakdown, the process of engine heat weakening its oil.

Does your car start and stop a lot each day? 75% of engine damage occurs during warmup, the precious few seconds before your oil coats the entire engine. We offer Castrol’s GTX Magnatec® oil, which clings to your engine even after you turn it off. This gives you extra protection against wear, especially in colder winter months.

Does your car need an oil change? Fast Lube Plus serves the entire Triangle, including Cary, Fuquay-Varina, Holly Springs and beyond. Visit us today, and make sure you sign up for our monthly coupons!


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