Protect Your Engine – Choose Mobil 1 Synthetic

Mobil1Our cars and trucks are in every part of our lives from getting us to work to taking us to date nights and evening practices. Keeping up with regularly scheduled oil changes is important, and choosing the right motor oil should not be a daunting task.

While there are many brands and types of motor oil on the market, we at Fast Lube Plus choose Mobil 1 motor oil. The engine oil you choose matters. Mobil 1 offers a full range of high-quality Mobil products you can trust for all your vehicles!

How does technology in Mobil1 protect your engine?

Mobil 1 oil was designed so that all the oil is consistent in size, unlike conventional oils. This helps minimize the amount of friction in your engine. Mobil 1 oil maintains excellent viscosity control to provide protection even in low and high temperatures. It provides protection and durability to help keep engine parts clean and free of unwanted debris.

Mobil1 motor oil is made for all engine types, and every one of their motor oils is formulated with a high-performance base stock that is designed to provide optimum low and high-temperature protection in each viscosity grade. Your vehicle deserves an engine oil that works hard to keep your vehicle(s) running smoothly.

What are the benefits of Mobil1 Synthetic engine oils?

  • Unsurpassed engine protection
  • Superior resistance to high temperatures
  • Great low-temperature performance
  • Exceptional cleaning power
  • Lower oil consumption
  • Surpasses manufacturers’ specification
  • Original car builders’ recognition
  • Increased engine life
  • Proven performance
  • Improved fuel economy

How often should I have my oil changed?

Oil change recommendations vary by model, year, and manufacturer. Check your owner’s manual to find the recommended intervals and mileage for your vehicle.

Is it time for your next oil change? Stop by one of our six convenient locations around the triangle. No appointment necessary!

Frequently Asked Questions About An Oil Change

An oil change is an important part of your vehicle’s routine maintenance. Today most vehicles are programmed to alert you when an oil change is needed, but it’s also important to understand when one is truly necessary.

What Are The Warning Signs for Oil Change?

If your vehicle does not monitor oil, or you are concerned about your vehicle’s performance, here are 5 common warning signs your vehicle is in need of an oil change.

  • Dark, thick, dirty oil
  • Loud noises, knocking or ticking sounds coming from the engine
  • An Oil Change or Check Engine light is on
  • Some coming from the exhaust
  • Oil smell within the cabin

How Does an Oil Change Help My Vehicle?

When you have your vehicle’s oil changed routinely, you are helping relieve stress from your engine. Keeping up with oil changes helps your vehicle do an efficient job lubricating, cleaning and cooling engine parts. Clean motor oil, along with clean oil filters, helps keep your vehicle’s engine running smoothly.

What’s Included in a Full-Service Oil Change?

When you have a full-service oil change at Fast Lube Plus, you can expect our technicians to do a comprehensive maintenance service that includes.

  • Your choice or oil (synthetic or conventional)
  • Oil filter replacement
  • Lubrication to all fittings

A technician will check the following:

  • Air Filter
  • Engine Inspection for leaks
  • Belt and Hose inspections
  • Tire Pressure Check
  • Inspection of your vehicle’s undercarriage

What Is Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil is a man-made oil from artificially made chemical compounds. They have a naturally higher viscosity index which is designed to help provide advanced protection against major engine stress such as friction, heat, and debris.

What is Conventional Oil?

Conventional oil is an oil lubricant that is derived directly from crude oil. It has excellent properties that allow it to provide lubrication at high and low temperatures. Conventional oil is more likely to thin at higher temperatures and thicken during colder temperatures.


Stop by one of Fast Lube Plus’ six convenient locations to have your vehicle’s oil changed by one of our experienced technicians. Looking for oil change coupons to help save money on your next visit? Click Here.






The Importance of A Routine Oil Change

When it comes to your vehicle’s engine, nothing is more important than providing it with routine maintenance. Oil changes are essential for a healthy, well-functioning vehicle.

Did you know that a vehicle’s engine is made up of many moving parts? To avoid damage to your engine, and have it functioning properly, all of those parts need to stay well lubricated.

Over time, the oil that is circulating and lubricating your engine will break down and can become contaminated with particles of dirt and dust from the environment as well as the engine. As oil breaks down, it loses its natural thickness or viscosity, causing it to lose its ability to lubricate.

If your oil is contaminated with debris, your vehicle’s engine cannot properly lubricate all the moving parts; in return, your engine will not be able to properly function. Making sure your vehicle has clean and sufficient amounts of oil is an easy way to prevent too much friction and overheating of the engine. Routine oil changes keep your engine clean and can also help with better gas mileage. Without proper maintenance, all that dirt and debris we talked about earlier can build up inside your vehicle’s engine causing friction. Friction will cause poor engine performance.

When should you get an oil change?

Typically, it’s recommended that you take your car after 3,000 to 5,000 miles for an oil change. Depending on the type of oil you use, your vehicle, and how much you drive will help you better understand the frequency of routine oil changes. A few signs your vehicle is low on oil include burning smells, clunking sounds and low engine performance. Check over the owner’s manual for your vehicle to be sure the oil is changed at the proper intervals recommended by your manufacturer.

Routine maintenance is essential for the life of your vehicle; without it, your vehicle could end up having more problems and a shorter life span.

Stop by one of Fast Lube Plus’ six convenient locations to have your vehicle’s oil changed by one of our experienced technicians. Looking for oil change coupons to help save money on your next visit? Click Here.

Besides your brake pads, fluids are the majority of the most important maintenance to your vehicle to keep on the road for several hundred thousand miles.  Friction and heat are enormous by-products of the power your vehicle creates to shuttle us around, and without these fluids your vehicle will simply not work. Keeping these fluids fresh and full can make the difference between simple maintenance and costly repairs.

Which fluids should you check? Here are five of your engine’s fluids you should make a habit of checking:

  • Check your oil once a month.
  • Check out your owner’s manual to know when to have the oil replaced. Timeframes depend on the car.
  • Typical numbers are every 3,000 miles for newer engines up to 7,000 miles for high mileage.  Higher mileage engines can go longer due to the parts being “worn in”, causing less friction meaning less lubrication is necessary.
  • Transmission fluid should be checked monthly.
  • It should be replaced every 50,000 to 100,000 miles.
  • This is a job for FastLube Plus or another professional, as many times gaskets must be replaced as well.
  • Coolant should be checked twice yearly, before summer and before winter.
  • It needs to be replaced every 2 to 3 years.
  • Low coolant can lead to blown radiators when air (which can expand) enters the cooling system.
  • You should check this once a month.
  • Brake fluid needs to be replaced every 2 years.
  • This fluid should be checked once a month.
  • Check your owner’s manual for information of replacing power steering fluid. It greatly depends on the car.

The team at FastLube Plus is always happy to answer any of your questions. We can also check your engine’s fluids and replace any necessary fluids. A well-maintained car is synonymous with safe car. To schedule an appointment please call us at919.387.9996 to find your nearest FastLube Plus location.

Fast Lube Plus Fuquay-Varina Location Opens

Fast Lube Plus is proud to have served Wake and Johnston counties for 15+ years. As the area has grown, so have we. And our next step has taken us further south into Wake County, into the town of Fuquay-Varina. Our newest store there is now open for business!

Aindooremail copybout the Location

Our Fuquay-Varina store joins our existing locations in Apex, Cary, Morrisville, Holly Springs, and Garner. The shop sits in the heart of town at 1110 North Main Street, across from Walmart. Its proximity to both historic neighborhoods and new developments mean that we can serve as many residents of the city as possible. Main Street’s connection to US 401 also means that commuters can easily stop by on their way home from downtown or the RTP.

About Us

Fast Lube Plus is a regionally-based, family-owned comprehensive automotive maintenance provider. Operated by a father and son team, our owners Tom and Joe work alongside technicians in each of our locations. Our regular customers know us by name, and soon you will too.

Fast Lube Plus’ services run the gamut from routine oil changes and maintenance to diagnostics, belt repairs, tune-ups, and brakes. We are also a fully certified North Carolina Emissions Inspection station. We treat even routine maintenance with the same care and respect of the most complex job.

About Fuquay-Varina

Fuquay-Varina and Southern Wake County are in a unique position. These historically rural communities have bared the brunt of Raleigh’s explosive growth, with Fuquay-Varina doubling in population just since 2000. Much of this is due to the area’s tech industry, particularly in the Research Triangle Park.

With our experience in Raleigh’s other booming suburbs, we know the unique needs of a community on the rise. We understand how to respect old residents while adapting to the needs of transplants. And while we find our daily operations serve a valuable purpose – keeping people on the move – we also respect our place in our communities. Fast Lube Plus gives back through work with the Holly Springs Food Bank, the US Veteran Corps of Cary, and other local charities.

With this new expansion in Fuquay-Varina, we hope to keep a new community on the move!