Just wanted to let you know that the folks at your Garner location are the greatest! They are not only very friendly and polite, but obviously know what they are doing. They showed me something that needed to be done that another place said did not need to be done – your people were right – the others were wrong. Then they even vacuumed my car – never had that done with an oil change/check-up before, so that is just one more plus for these folks. They really are the greatest and will be taking care of my vehicle from now on. Thank you for such wonderful care.
– Carolyn V.

The Holly Springs location was a joy to visit today. I received fast, friendly service and I will be taking my car here from now on. Upon leaving, I was thanked for coming in by another person which made the experience all that much more pleasant – they appreciate your business here. I have recommended this location to my friends and they will now be having their vehicles serviced there as well. Great job!
– Christine P.

I’ve been here several times and experienced nothing but excellent service. Of course they offer to change belts and provide additional services but they never try and sell you something you don’t need or won’t need in the near future. The lobby is nice and clean. Every time I am there I grab a coffee and jump on one of the computers and browse the Internet. The business is locally owned and operated and is hands down better than a chain.
– Len R.

I have been brining both our families car to Fast Lube Plus for the past two years and have had great service. In a recent trip for an oil change I became aware of a possible mistake when pulling out of our garage the next morning and finding oil on the garage floor.

I wrote the company and was contacted within 24 hrs by Will, the manager, and provided a solution. We brought the vehicle back up to the shop and it turned out that some oil had ended up collecting on a part of the undercarriage that was missed and had dripped down in our garage.

I assumed this was the issue as I had looked myself prior writing the company and nothing appeared to be coming from the drain plug, oil filter etc. but was still concerned.

Will went above and beyond to provide a level of customer service that I have yet to experience in the automotive service industry until this happened. Provided me a solution to clean the garage floor and even offered to have someone out the home to do it.

Needless to say, I was very impressed and very happy with the commitment to customer service. I will continue to visit for my vehicle service needs and pass my recommendation to as many as I can.
– Stacy P.

Been taking Jeep Wrangler, Ford F150, Honda Civic, Mazda 3, Toyota 4 Runner, and I could go on. These guys do exactly what they say they will do, Service is excellent, professional and with out question the best I have experienced in North Carolina. I take my vehicles there first for anything before I go anywhere else. If they can not do it then I take their recommendation. GREAT Job guys!!! thank you!!!
– Anonymous

I have been using the Morrisville location for the routine maintenance (fluid change, belts, etc) to keep my family’s four cars on the road for several years. I have 2 vehicles with 200K+ miles. As someone who does some of my own repairs and keeps record on every vehicle, I have never felt that I was being sold or scared into something that didn’t make sense (unlike some chains mentioned ). Do they recommend fluid changes or possible service, yes.The guys are in business to keep you car operating by preventative maintenance. Do they stop after I say no thank you, yes, always. I know my car’s history and take responsibility for knowing when fluids should be changed per mfrs.specs/driving conditions. I get what I need, done right the first time, at Fast Lube.
– Dan M.

Good, fast service on an inspection! In and out in about 10 minutes!
– Laura A.

I have been taking my car to Tommy and his guys at Fast Lube Plus since I was 16 years old and just starting to drive. It was close to my house and convenient. I have since moved to the opposite side of town, purchased my first home, and started a family. Still now, years later, I make the drive across town whenever something needs to be done, or a light comes on. They are always patient and explain exactly whats wrong and how it needs to be fixed. I haven’t always been able to afford every repair but Tommy would let me know what needed to be done right away and what I could wait on.

They are always courteous, remember my name, and check on me after long road trips, making sure my car is always good to go, and more importantly safe. Fast Lube Plus is definitely that neighborhood auto repair shop that is trustworthy, honest, and reliable. I hate to take my car to anyone else.
-Bridget J.