Car Filters

Let’s talk about car filters. Did you know most vehicles have four different types of filters -cabin filter, oil filter, and fuel filter? Equipping yourself with knowledge on how these filters work, and when you should change them, is an important part of owning and maintaining your vehicle.

If your vehicle has dirty filters, you might find yourself with mechanical problems over time that are easily preventable with routine maintenance.

The air filter and cabin filter are the first line of defense for your vehicle, designed to keep your vehicle’s engine clean and your air fresh.

Air Filter

As you might have guessed, air filters clean the air. The filter keeps the air that moves through the engine clean of any dirt, debris, pollen, even bugs that could blow through the grill of your vehicle.

The air filter is pretty easy to change, too. Not sure if you’re due for a new filter? Hold your current air filter to the light. If you can’t see light through it, it is time to clean or replace it!

Cabin Filter

Like the air filter for your engine, the cabin air filter is designed to keep debris, dirt, pollen, and other air pollutants out of the air you breathe inside your vehicle, while the cabin air filter also prevents all those from clogging up the vehicle’s AC system.

It’s recommended that a cabin air filter be replaced every 12,000 miles, but if you noticed poor airflow from the vents, unusual odor, fog on the inside of your windshield, heating and cooling system issues, it may be time to change your cabin filter.

Oil Filter

The oil filter is designed to keep dirt, debris, and grime out of the oil while the engine is running to keep your vehicle running smoothly and maintaining a long healthy engine life. Oil filters need to be replaced regularly. It’s recommended to have your oil filter changed with every oil change.

Fuel Filter

Fuel filters are there to keep the dirt and debris and water out of your gas. Gas can become contaminated during the distribution from the fuel refinery. Located in the fuel line, fuel filters are there to catch dirt and other debris in the fuel before it passes through to the fuel injector.

Most manufacturers recommend that you change the fuel filter every two years or 30,000 miles. If you notice your vehicle is running sluggish or suddenly misfiring for no reason, it may be time for a new fuel filter.

All four filters are designed to keep your vehicle operating smoothly, so your vehicle and run at its best and you can drive safe!


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